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Cancer ayurvedic Treatment India
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When used either complementary to conventional medicine or as an alternative therapy this herbal compound has helped many patients in their battle against cancer. Carctol is a treatment which consists of a pure natural herbs and must be taken with a low acidic diet and a high intake of water.

Carctol is available in the Capsule form and has been toxicity tested in both Great Britain and India as being a completely safe herbal supplement used for cancer.

Holistic and Ayurveda therapies have been used for years as alternative treatments for cancer and other diseases. Medical associations are now beginning to accept that many holistic treatment are beneficial to patients and are providing to have positive results even where conventional medicine fails.

Carctol Abroad:

- Toxicity tested as safe in UK and India
- Is prescribed by doctors in the UK for cancer sufferers of all stages

Carctol in UK>

Carctol has been used in the United Kingdom for 7 years under prescription only. This is due to 8 herbs used being recognized as having medicinal value.
Roundtable Conference at the University of British Columbia Calls for Establish-ment of Centre of Excellence on Compl-ementary and Alternative Medicine Research
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