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Q. 1: What is Carctol®?

Ans. : Carctol® is a herbal remedy made from pure Indian Herbs for treating all types of Cancer.

Q. 2: Who all can take Carctol®? Does it benefit only people with Cancer?

Q. 3 : What are the dosage instructions of taking Carctol®?

Q. 4 : Can we take Carctol® in the morning or with an empty stomach?

Q. 5 : How long does Carctol® take to act or show its effects?

Q. 6 : How will the patient know whether Carctol® is working or not? How can we be sure that the cancer is healing due to its action?

Q. 7 : While taking Carctol®, if there is some other disease, what should be done? Can I take other medicines along with Carctol® without adverse effects?

Q. 8 : Is Carctol® harmful? Does it cause any side effects?

Q. 9 : Is Carctol® toxic? Has it been tested for toxicity?

Q. 10 : What are the DO's and DONT's while taking Carctol®? Are there any dietary restrictions while taking it?

Q. 11 : Why should not I take Sour things(food that is sour in nature or have sour properties) while taking Carctol®?

Q. 12 : Can I take non-vegetarian food while taking Carctol®? Is it mandatory to take vegetarian food?

Q. 13 : What are the other benefits of Carctol® besides healing Cancer?

Q. 14 : Will everyone be fully cured off Cancer by using Carctol®? Do you make any claims or guarantees for Cure with Carctol®?

Q. 15 : Will Carctol® help me if I have Ascites i.e. accumulation of fluid in abdominal cavity?

Q. 16 : What is Ascites?

Q. 17 : Why do you advise buying a 2 month supply for newer patients. Why should not I try for only 1 month?