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The Assam Tribune: Ayurvedic Medicine Can Cure Cancer

Herbal formulation has been proved "very successful" in treating cancer, claims an Ayurvedic Vaidya.

"The herbal formulation starts showing results within tow months and cures the cancer patient completely in two years", asserts Sri N.L.Tiwari who is administering this herbal formulation to cancer patient's formulation to cancer patients – mostly in terminal stages.

Sri Tiwari told PTI that his formulation, which he prepared form valuable information gathered form tribals in Assam forests during his research on herbs there, had proved effective in almost all types of cancer except liver.

He showed medical histories and records of several patients indicating disappearance of malignancy after oral administration of the herbal formulation.

Sri. Tiwari, who makes his formulation himself, claimed that he was sending his medicine to patients in UK, USA, Germany and Canada.

Sri. Tiwari feels that modern medical practitioners should take up research projects to understand how this formulation works in the body.

He has written to the Centre and Sate Governments to get the efficacy of his formulation tested by specialists in Government hospitals.

Sri. Tiwari, who supplies the herbal medicine to most patients free of charge, said, 'I do not want money. Nor do I want to keep it secret." (PTI)

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